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Introduction: SEO Specialist

Post Date: 2017/7/14



  1. Maintain the company official website, optimize the website according to the market and customers requirements, and make business development through website.

  2. According to the company promotion objectives and content, take the different possible ways and channels to promote the company.

  3. Responsible for the Baidu Paid Listing account, adjust timely the price of key words on basis of the report and source of key words in order to make accurate advertising. To improve the success of order according to data analysis and know about the customers requirements.

  4. Make proper search engine optimization strategy based on analyzing current search engine competitiveness, competent to manage the backstage system of Baidu, 360, Sogou and google account, and optimize the advertisement.

  5. Keep close communication with all departments, and promote the smooth progress of all aspects of work. Required tasks can all be refined and quantified.


  1. To be Serious, careful to each task, and have strong responsibility.

  2. Good writing skills and familiar with office software.

  3. Have e-commerce background and give priority to those with peptide industry working experience

  4. Working hours from 8:30~17:30 from Monday to Friday.

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Introduction: QA / QC Director / Assistant

Post Date: 2017/7/14



  1. Drafting and auditing GMP files;

  2. Responsible for establishing and improving the company quality system;

  3. Quality control on the manufacturing process;

  4. Take correction action to the quality risks on the site of production;

  5. Maintenance of test equipment;

  6. Risk evaluation for changing and tracking the execution of changing;

  7. Product quality review. 


  1. Majors like Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical analysis, food analysis, analytical chemistry;

  2. Have more than 2 years experience of quality assurance and control from pharmaceutical company;

  3. Familiar with GMP regulations, and lab operations of pharmaceutical company. Prior to consider those with microbiology test experience;

  4. For candidates not competent with QA, can apply for the QC assistant. Welcome exellent graduates join us!

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Introduction: International Sales / Assistant

Post Date: 2017/7/14



  1. Responsible for customer development and early stage communication;

  2. Responsible for business contact and negotiation

  3. Responsible for the after-sale service

  4. Collect the market information and trend, and report to leader in time

  5. Familiar with the company products, know about the market pricing and quote to clients with reasonable price

  6. Competent to finish other works from department leade 


  1. English major, good at English speaking and writing

  2. Have good communication and coordination skills

  3. Respobsible and serious to all tasks

  4. Working hours from 8:30~17:30 from Monday to Friday

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