What are the ingredients of the active peptide and how much is a box of active peptide?
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Abstract:What are the ingredients of the active peptide and how much is a box of active peptide?

Active polypeptide (baihgh) is a kind of Du substance secreted by the human body itself, also known as human auxin (hGH). HGH is composed of 191 amino acids and secreted by the pituitary gland of Dao. The key is distributed in the nervous tissue and other tissues of human body. It is involved in the growth and development of the human body and the metabolism of protein, human fat and sugar. It is also because of the increase or decrease of its secretion in the body, it controls the normal synthesis rate and quality of protein, and controls the normal replication and synthesis of cells. It is widely used as a messenger of organic chemical signals within or between cells, and controls the movement between cells or human organs. Many new research directions, including nervous system, immunity and decline, are related to small active peptides. Common and key active peptides include glutathione GSH, oxytocin, brain peptide and so on.

Composition of active polypeptide, price of active polypeptide

How much is a box of active polypeptide

For this problem, the price of active peptides is not unique. Because there are many kinds of active polypeptides, the price of each composition will be different, depending on what it is.... There are a lot of active peptides on the market now. There are many kinds of peptides. Immune peptide (Sanjiu protein peptide oral liquid), lipid-lowering peptide (enzymatic peptide), hypoglycemic peptide (balsam pear polypeptide), weight loss peptide (Sanjiu brand long line) and so on are collectively referred to as active peptides.

100ml needs about 300 pieces. Active polypeptide is a kind of substance in human body. It plays a great and wonderful role in human body. It can promote cell division, regulate cell metabolism, ensure gene expression and replication, ensure that the total number, quality and rate of protein synthesis in cells are in normal condition, and improve the effective utilization rate of protein. So as to control the growth and development of human body, decline and disease. Active polypeptide, is a senior engineer of human cell care.

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