Nutribio: an introduction to the scientific research of cosmetic peptides
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Abstract:Nutribio: an introduction to the scientific research of cosmetic peptides

Application scenarios of beauty peptides in skin care products

Beauty polypeptide: the polypeptide belongs to the dissolved small molecule collagen, which is generally composed of 2-20 amino acid residues, with established structure-activity, safety, stability and high efficiency. Beauty peptides exist in the human body, and its necessity depends on the adjustment of the body system structure and the physiological function of cells. Its structure is composed of a variety of amino acids connected by peptide bonds according to specific sequences. With the increase of age or the influence of external environment, the body's beauty peptide is gradually lacking. Using frontline biologists to exhaust all the professional knowledge of people at present, understand the current biological science, simulate the physiological environment of the body, and develop a series of peptides necessary for the human system environment, so that the damaged and declining skin will glow with the charm of new cells.


The application of polypeptides in cosmetics has incomparable advantages

  1. Strong activity: the major characteristic of polypeptide is its high activity. It can give full play to the beauty effect with very low dosage. Generally, the ingredients used for terminal products will be mg grade.

  2. Mild and accurate efficacy: the key characteristic of polypeptide different from other raw materials (hormone drugs and injection products) is that the efficacy is relieved but accurate.

  3. very high safety factor: because of the homology between peptides and human chemicals, it ensures that it has excellent compatibility for facial aging and delaying aging, and because of its excellent transdermal properties, it prevents the safety risks caused by injection.

  4. Active diversity: because the whole physiological process of skin is composed of various biochemical and biological stages, according to various biochemical systems and the application of modern basic medical theory, a huge molecular structure library of active peptides can be effectively designed, which also leads to the active diversity of polypeptides for beauty.

  5. Easy to absorb: relative to collagen, the molecular weight of polypeptide is smaller, which can give full play to deep skin.

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